Top 10 kitchen essentials for Baking With Kids 

If you have little baking experience but have decided to fully embrace the hot mess that is Baking With Kids you may be wondering what kitchen basics would be of most use. Here is a quick guide of our most commonly used items that should get you off to a brilliant start.

1. Weighing scales. Pretty self explanatory but you’ll need even a very basic set of scales to measure out whatever ingredients your child will later eat/toss about the room.


2. Large bowl. Again I find the bigger the mixing bowl the less chance of flour ending up on your neighbour’s cat.

3. Cake tin. If your looking to make a simple cake some 8″ sandwich tins or a 2lb loaf tin are ideal.

4. Muffin tray. My kids would bake cupcakes daily (sometimes we do) and a 12 cup muffin tray is a must to avoid wonky cakes. If wonky cupcakes is your thing however then crack on. I won’t judge.

5. Rolling pin. If you do decide to venture into the mysterious and exciting world of biscuit making (or dare I say pastry 😲) then a rolling pin offers certain benefits over a gin bottle. Firstly it’s completely round and has a handle at each end and secondly it’s far more socially acceptable in the world of baking with children.

6. Cookie/pastry cutters. There’s plenty of fun shapes for kids about in most supermarkets but if your starting out a good set of round cutters from Tesco or Poundland will keep your child very happy.

7. Measuring jug. If you haven’t got one this will come in handy for anything involving liquids or as an additional giant coffee mug when you’ve not done the dishes yet.

8. Baking sheet/tray. Again if you haven’t got one this really is essential. Come on mate, sort it out.

9. Baking paper. I’ll always advise you to grease a tin or baking sheet as it helps the baked goods come away easier. However if you can line the tin/tray with baking paper you’ll be doing yourself a big favour. Your cake/biscuits etc should lift off beautifully.

10. Patience. See what I did there? It’s actually really hard work parenting sometimes and we all lose patience now and again. If you are getting ready to bake with your little ones make sure your feeling the chill and that your kids aren’t on the verge of a pre nap tantrum. It will make the experience so much better for all of you because, as I’ve said many times, there will be mess.


By bakingwithkidsandcath

Sharing our baking on Instagram @Baking_With_kids messy mum of 2 toddlers with easy recipes for screen-free fun 😀

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