Lockdown Blondies

Or are they brownies? Well they’re blondies that after 10 weeks of lockdown are now mostly brownies… When the salons open they’ll be full blondies again but for the meantime they’re embracing their delicious chocolatey roots. So like many, I have not had the super productive, glow up version of lockdown that I envisioned back in March. Now that the end is vaguely in sight, … Continue reading Lockdown Blondies

Spiced Chocolate Orange Babka Buns

I had never heard of babka before I started baking with kids and my eyes were opened to the amazing variety of different cakes and breads from the talented bakers of Instagram. Each year a lovely community of social media bakers take part in a bakealong that runs in line with The Great British Bake Off. You can recreate a bake from the show or … Continue reading Spiced Chocolate Orange Babka Buns

Maple Butter Pecan Traybake

Possibly my favourite traybake ever! I’m definitely a pecan person. I absolutely love them (especially at Christmas, covered in cinnamon sugar) but the kids don’t particularly rate them quite so highly…until this cake. I have recently discovered Moose Maple butter (a blend of maple syrup, butter and pinch of salt) and I couldn’t wait to try it in cake form: so this Maple Butter Pecan … Continue reading Maple Butter Pecan Traybake