Triple Chocolate Cookies

Ahhh 3. The magic number in terms of chocolate combination, musketeers, and any variation of The Sugarbabes. Also the magic number of toddlers needed to produce the maximum amount of mess when baking. I occasionally babysit my 2 year old nephew which along with my 2 toddlers makes this meme very valid… As I always say, my kids are happiest when making a mess so … Continue reading Triple Chocolate Cookies

Garlic and basil Focaccia

Ahhh the joys of messy play. I generally think we incorporate the messy play quota in our regular baking but bread making always takes it to the next level. I’m not particularly tidy (usually a walking mess) and even I have to admit there’s something frustrating in cleaning chunks of dried dough out of your cutlery drawers two days post baking. But this bread is … Continue reading Garlic and basil Focaccia

Peanut Butter, Jam and Banana Cake

Peanut butter and jam (jelly) is a classic flavour combination but we really stumbled on this by accident. My 3 year old is no different from many in that she changes her mind about what food she loves or hates in about a nanosecond. We were halfway through making a leek and potato loaf when she abruptly decides she doesn’t like leeks or potatoes (unless the leeks … Continue reading Peanut Butter, Jam and Banana Cake