Bara Brith

We are still in the midst of the UKs longest ever winter (probably) and to top it off there’s a snow storm coming which the media are calling ‘The Beast from the East’. I however was blissfully unaware of the storm until last night as I live in a toddler controlled bubble.

My mum mentioned last night in conversation that there was no bread in Lidl. “No bread in Lidl?” I exclaimed! “But they have an in-store bakery!”

It was then that I learnt that Wales was about to be transformed into the arctic tundra… I’ve managed to miss the morning news for the past 3 years because my mornings now start at 5am with Netflix and Peppa pig- I’ve managed to avoid the car radio due to a nursery rhyme CD given to us by our local librarian, and my kids have commandeered my mobile phone for the majority of the week playing the ‘my pet and me’ game – thanks again CBeebies!

So I was predictably late to the severe weather panic buying party. Luckily we had the ingredients well stocked for a traditional Welsh teabread- Bara Brith. If you’ve tried fruited malt loaf it’s a similar thing but freshly baked and moist from tea soaked fruits. It’s far better than any shop bought fruit loaf (so take that Lidl and your wiped out bakery 😂)

You will need a 2lb loaf tin, well greased or lined with baking paper.


  • 500g mixed dry fruit
  • 300ml boiling tea (I used chai tea bags for extra spice)
  • 200g dark brown sugar
  • 350g self raising flour
  • 2 eggs
  • Teaspoon ground cinnamon

There is a bit of a grown up element to the making of this Bara Brith, which is soaking the dried fruit.

The night before you want to make this you’ll need to pop the fruit in a large bowl and pour over the hot tea (or chai if you like spice). Cover and put aside.

On the day of baking you’ll need to follow these super-complex instructions…

Preheat oven to 130°C or gas mark 1

Add all other ingredients to your tea soaked fruit and mix until well combined…

That’s literally it- we Welsh don’t mess about!

This is so perfect to make with Kids as you can literally line up the ingredients and let them crack on (No egg pun intended).

Transfer into your loaf tin (it will fill it but that’s fine)

Bake for 1 1/2 to 2 hours until a knife inserted into the centre comes out clean.

Enjoy buttered if you fancy (it’s lovely without) and with copious amounts of tea.


By bakingwithkidsandcath

Sharing our baking on Instagram @Baking_With_kids messy mum of 2 toddlers with easy recipes for screen-free fun 😀

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I don’t know why i’ve never made bara brith. Now that I know it’s so easy to make i’m on it! Thanks for posting.
I posted my Sunshine Blogger award tonight and have nominated you for it if you’re interested (I think it’s quite a nice way for readers to get to know more about you)😊

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